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Professional Development: My Three Year Anniversary with MSC

It has now been 3 years since I started working for MSC – I began in June 2010, thanks to an environmental internship fund. As a hoarder of electronic mail (despite the associated energy costs), I was able to glance through my emails from June 2010 and onward. These historic records provide not only a reminder of what My Sustainable Canada was like three years ago, but what I was like myself.

In the first year, I supported a wide variety of projects with behind-the-scenes research, learning about energy efficiency, local food procurement, and fleet vehicle monitoring. I also assisted with a major website overhaul and the establishment of our Facebook and Twitter pages. I did not have much of a public presence.

A lot has changed since then. My Sustainable Canada has a growing core of staff, a refreshed and proactive Board, and continues to strengthen relationships and build a quality reputation in areas such as local food procurement and energy efficiency outreach. As the coordinator of the ENERGY STAR Health Care Energy Leadership Program, I am learning to shoulder more responsibility and connect with potential project partners for a second year of program development – a prospect that would have terrified me three years ago. Over time, I have grown more comfortable with myself and others, thanks to experiences I have had with MSC: presenting live, delivering webinars, and calling up potential project partners.

Last weekend I was at a local event called Ecofest, showing visitors a prototype ‘app’ that MSC is working on. The app is intended to help customers of electronics and appliances find and compare energy efficient options. It was gratifying to receive such a positive reaction to our work from the public, even though I have had very little direct involvement with this particular project.

I guess you could say that MSC and I are growing up, and I look forward to helping MSC develop further, and to being further developed by MSC.

As an aside, I’d like to wish the best to Hayley Lapalme, who is preparing to walk into Vancouver City Hall with recommendations for the City of Vancouver’s Food Hub Steering Committee. Stay tuned for her update next week!